This Popular Childhood Snack Is Secretly Hydrating – Health Digest

Depending on what type of illness you’re experiencing, you may be losing far more water than you realize. Mayo Clinic experts explain that severe cases of diarrhea can deplete water and electrolytes quite rapidly. Couple this with vomiting, such as in cases of food poisoning, and the body is leached of even more water and essential nutrients. Thankfully, applesauce can help replenish these lost fluids — plus, it’s easy on the stomach if you’re dealing with nausea or gastrointestinal discomfort.

This fruity snack may also help reduce one’s risk of dehydration due to fever. As our body temperature climbs, the more susceptible we are to dehydration. This is particularly true if a high fever is accompanied by vomiting or diarrhea. Applesauce, however, can be a great add-on in addition to drinking plenty of water. Megan Byrd of The Oregon Dietitian agrees, telling Eat This, Not That!, “Applesauce is a healthy hydration source when you’re sick.”

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