The Tennis Ball Exercise That Can Check Your Grip Strength (And Your Longevity) – Health Digest

The tennis ball squeeze is just that — squeeze the tennis ball in one hand for up to 15 seconds. Be sure all five fingers are fully engaged, noticing if there’s any tension in your knuckles. You’ll probably feel tension in your forearms, and your biceps might share in some of the work if your elbow is bent. Repeat with the other arm, and do three sets a day.

If you don’t have a tennis ball nearby, grab a towel, literally. The towel grab can also strengthen your forearms and grip. Rather than close your fist around the towel, grab it lengthwise and wring it with each hand twisting in opposite directions. Be sure to change the twisting motion of each hand with each wring. Continue this wringing motion up to five times.

Reverse wrist curls can also help improve your grip strength, but you’ll need a light dumbbell or soup can. Sit down and lean slightly forward with your elbows just below your shoulders to help brace you. Hold the dumbbell or soup can with your palm facing down. Flex the wrist by curling your fingers down, then extend the wrist (and weight) by moving the palm so it faces away from you. Move slowly so you can improve your strength and range of motion. Complete 10 to 15 repetitions for three sets.

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