Scents That Make Men More Attractive To Women – Health Digest

While conventional wisdom and some surveys done by perfume companies might tell you that the woodier the scent, the better chance of a male finding a mate, according to Dr. Lisa Lawless, a psychotherapist specializing in clinical psychology, relationships, sexual health, and nutrition (via Best Life), there’s something to be said about the comforting smell of vanilla. The scent, which might remind you of your favorite baked good, is “often associated with happy memories, such as baking cookies or other sweet treats,” shared Lawless. 

According to a 2011 study published in the Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality, musky-spicy fragrance came out on top as being preferred by men for themselves and by women for their male partners. If you’re a man and you’re already rolling with a favorite musk eau de toilette spray, you’re probably on the right track.  

You might raise an eyebrow at the mention of this next scent: rosehip essential oil. But there’s some science to prove its favorability. A 2014 study published in PLOS ONE that featured a small group of participants found that the scent of actual rosehip essential oil (not the artificial kind) made participants rank the faces they were shown as more attractive when compared with less pleasant odors like fish. As for the popular fragrance of citrus, it seems you can’t go wrong with this one either. Per Lawless, “In aromatherapy, citrus scents, especially orange, are considered to inspire joy. They offer a sense of freshness and vitality, which can be quite appealing.”

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