What It Means When Your Poop Burns – Health Digest

One of the more severe conditions attributed to burning defecation is rectal cancer. This disease is grouped with colon cancer as colorectal cancer, and it’s caused by the overgrowth of malignant cells within the rectum and colon. However, it’s typically a slow-developing cancer (via Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center). Risk factors for rectal cancer include family history, inherited changes in specific genes, IBD, obesity, and smoking. It’s also found more in those of Ashkenazi Jewish, African American, and Hispanic descent.

Many of the warning signs of rectal cancer can be attributed to other gastrointestinal disorders. For example, sufferers can experience a change in bowel habits, diarrhea, blood, narrow stools, and weight loss, states UCSF Health. The polyps that accompany some rectal cancers cause you to feel burning or pain when pooping. The National Cancer Institute noted many cancer sufferers also experience gas, bloating, cramps, and a change in appetite.

Rectal cancer must be diagnosed through tests and procedures like a colonoscopy, biopsy, and blood tests. Once it has been confirmed, the stage will be determined, depending on the size and spread of the cancer. Treatment includes surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and targeted therapies.

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