Where Is Boo Boo Goo From Shark Tank Season 5 Today? – Health Digest

With the help of a display board, Kiowa posed a question to the Sharks. The three images on the board were of a patch of skin covered by three different types of bandages: a regular stick-on Band-aid, a clear painted-on bandage, and a skin-tone shade of Boo Boo Goo (via ABC News). “Which one do you like best?” the budding entrepreneur asked, earning herself a compliment from Lori Greiner who dubbed Kiowa a “great little sales lady.”

Another product highlight was the fact that the paint-on, waterproof bandage helped reduce environmental waste. Not only that, but it also offered users plenty of bang for their buck, with a 5-ounce bottle of paint offering the same amount of protection as 75 Band-Aids (via Gazette Review). While these were certainly promising selling points, the product was still in its prototype phase and the Sharks had their reservations. The formula itself had been established with the help of healthcare specialists, yet the bottle was still a work in progress. Furthermore, the patent for the product was still pending. For some of the Sharks, this was reason enough to tap out. Others felt that Boo Boo Goo wouldn’t effectively stand out from the competition. In the end, Boo Boo Goo sealed the deal with Kevin O’Leary, who offered the $100,000 investment but for 25% equity.

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