Where Is EverlyWell From Shark Tank Season 9 Today? – Health Digest

During her pitch, Cheek emphasized that EverlyWell offers 13 different kits ranging from cholesterol tests to thyroid tests to hormone tests and many more, with prices spanning between $69 and $399 (via CNBC Prime). While she stated that the tests were not covered by insurance, Cheek noted that not even a year after launching, the company had already sold 2.5 million dollars worth of product and was growing approximately 20% each month.

While EverlyWell clearly held promise, the sharks pointed out that Cheek wasn’t the first person to tap into this market. Stating that she would essentially be running a race against competitors, Mark Cuban opted out, concluding that the company would likely require far more money in order to be successful. For the same reasons, three of the other sharks followed suit, leaving only Lori Greiner.

Willing to take a chance, Greiner issued a counteroffer for a $1 million line of credit with an 8% interest rate in exchange for 5% equity. Additionally, Greiner stated that she would work with Cheek by providing her with marketing and retail guidance. Elated, the entrepreneur agreed to the terms and struck a deal.

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