Menopause symptoms at work: Government rejects calls for ‘menopause leave’ – a note from the Editor

An estimated 1 million women will leave their jobs due a lack of support in dealing with menopause symptoms. Editor Olivia Hartland-Robbins shares her thoughts on the Government decision to reject calls for ‘menopause leave’  

‘Supporting women does not by default discriminate against men’.

Are the government insulting women with its lack of action on the menopause?

Has it slammed the door in women’s faces, when progress on the subject was finally beginning to surface?

On menopause and the workplace, it was revealed last month that the government rejected a ‘menopause leave’ change in law that sought to support menopausal women.

an estimated 1 million women will leave their job due to a lack of menopause support

The recommendation from the Commons Women and Equalities Committee proposed to make menopause a ‘protected characteristic’ under the Equalities Act.

The report focussed on menopause and the workplace, and highlighted how often women aren’t supported and therefore feel pushed out of work due to crippling menopause symptoms.

In fact, according to a BUPA & CIPD survey, an estimated 1 million women will leave their job due to a lack of menopause support.

These are shocking statistics, and an even more shocking and damming government rejection.

menopause symptoms at work

Conservative MP Caroline Nokes said that it was a ‘missed opportunity to protect vast numbers of talented and experienced women from leaving the workforce, and leaves me unconvinced that menopause is a Government priority’.

NHS GP and broadcaster, Dr Dawn Harper commented saying, ‘working menopausal women are the fastest growing demographic in the UK, they also tend to hold the most senior positions.

‘Unfortunately, many employers have no idea how the menopause affects their employees and a lack of support in the UK is actually pushing women out of work’.

Despite the Government’s rejection, Menopause in the workplace has become and continues to be an important topic, with many companies investing their time and money on helping to support their menopausal staff.

At Healthista, we hope that the conversation and recognition of women’s rights continues to grow and that companies looking to support their staff do take action.

Menopause in the workplace has become and continues to be an important topic

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