The Way You Wash Your Hair May Be Doing More Damage Than You Think – Health Digest

When you’re in a hurry to get out the door for an important appointment, you might be tempted to rush through a shower and this might result in you not properly wetting your hair before you shampoo it. It might also mean that you rush through the post-shampoo rinse, just so you can apply conditioner and be done with it all. Both of these could lead to hair damage, per hair experts.

Making sure that your scalp and your hair strands are properly soaked is an important step in the hair-washing process, according to master cosmetologist Cassandra Olivia (via Byrdie). “Stand under the shower for a minute or two and section [your] hair to ensure water gets to all parts of your scalp and hair,” she explained. If you’re wondering about double-cleansing your locks, dermatologists recommend this only if you’re washing your hair once or twice a week. If you shower daily, this practice might dry out your scalp. 

Now for the rinsing process. Again, it’s important to take your time and make sure you’ve washed out all the shampoo. Or else, product buildup is going to lead to clogged pores and an irritated or itchy scalp. “I find most people don’t rinse their shampoo and conditioner out properly and are left with product build-up. If you think you’ve rinsed enough, keep rinsing,” shared colorist Cara Craig with TODAY

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