Where Is PMS Bites From Shark Tank Season 7 Today? – Health Digest

Green shared that PMS Bites had made a little over $13,400 in sales over the course of seven months and that she had spent the last two months zeroing in on her retail marketing strategy (via The DIY Entrepreneurs). Robert Herjavec asked outright why the product wasn’t selling, to which Kevin O’Leary followed up calling Green the “queen of small numbers” and challenging her claims that the product had any real medicinal qualities to it.

Additionally, some of the judges felt she was missing an opportunity to market the treats to everyone as an overall healthy alternative to sugary snacks as opposed to targeting only those who experience PMS symptoms. With a too-niche market, Greiner was out. Barbara Corcoran followed suit, voicing that she felt Green lacked the drive needed to push the product forward. Mark Cuban further added that the entrepreneur had done herself a disservice by focusing solely on retail rather than social media marketing. Without any offers, PMS Bites left “Shark Tank” without a deal. Yet the outcome only seemed to add fuel to Green’s fire, who stated at the conclusion of her segment that she now planned to work even harder.

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