Our Doctor Reacts To The Man Who Spends Millions To Stay Young – Health Digest

People embrace veganism for many reasons — such as concern for the environment or ethical or cultural reasons — but there are those who opt to cut out meat, dairy, fish, and eggs for health reasons too, like Johnson. 

“Veganism is a very sustainable habit as many people have done it for many years,” shared Dr. Lee, adding, however, that supplementing to make sure you’re getting all the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids your body needs is also important with veganism, as it can be restrictive. “I have a feeling Bryan Johnson has a line of nutritionist/chefs that cater to his needs. Also, don’t forget the blue zones that have the higher prevalence of people who live over 100. That is a perfect example of veganism working well,” explained the board-certified doctor of internal medicine.

Johnson, who founded Kernel — a company that creates brain–machine interfaces — in 2016, eats a strictly vegan diet, except for the collagen peptides he takes by choice, and follows a schedule of a 6- to 8-hour eating window, per Colin Keeley. He has three meals and restricts his calories to 1,977 every day. “There is data on restrictive caloric intake and even intermittent fasting that have very convincing data on prolongation of life,” shared Lee. “Studies that showed the level of longevity can be at a cellular level.” 

As for Johnson’s strict tracking methods, Dr. Lee thinks that this could help with compliance. “Data is a great tool and it becomes a positive reinforcement for those who appreciate data for tracking and goal setting.”

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