You’re Not The Same After The Pandemic – Health Digest

The COVID pandemic left a lot of us feeling isolated, alone, and unsure of where to turn for help. And, unlike Will Smith in “I Am Legend,” we weren’t just hanging out with our dogs and memorizing dialogue from “Shrek.” The World Health Organization reports that the pandemic made people feel disconnected from their communities and loved ones, unable to find support, and worried about their financial situation and health. As a result, anxiety and depression around the globe increased by 25%. 

In addition, a 2022 study conducted by the Florida State University College of Medicine and published in PLOS One revealed that young people experienced personality changes after the pandemic. The study showed that environmental pressures caused by the pandemic caused people to feel moodier, less cooperative, and less trusting. On top of that, there was a decline in more positive personality traits, including extroversion, openness, and conscientious behavior. 

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