When You Stop Having Sex, This Is What Happens To Your Prostate – Health Digest

A prostate is a part of a man’s reproductive system. It performs the all-important task of producing the fluid that keeps sperm healthy and also transports sperm to where it needs to go. When a man ejaculates during sex, sperm travels via the urethra to exit the body. The idea is that carcinogens have a way of naturally building up in one’s prostate, and this increases one’s risk of developing cancer. This is also called the prostate stagnation hypothesis.

“When men ejaculate, the prostate gland releases fluid that can potentially flush out toxins from the prostate gland,” shared the chief of urology at The Hospital of Central Connecticut, Dr. Ryan P. Dorin (via Hartford Healthcare). “It’s possible that doing this more regularly helps keep cancer-causing substances at bay too.” 

Another study in European Urology, published in 2018, found a link between ejaculation frequency and prostate tumorigenesis. Additionally, sex and ejaculation promote blood flow to the man’s reproductive system (including the prostate). A healthy prostate can mean less of a cancer risk, too. Does this mean that everyone who has a prostate should be worried about their health when they’re not having sex? What happens if sex is not an option for you right now? 

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