What It Means When Women’s Smell Changes After Sex – Health Digest

Maintaining your vaginal pH balance is part of keeping your nether regions healthy and happy. Normal pH is considered between 3.8 and 5, per Medical News Today. The pH is also want contributes toward smell down there. 

Some of the things that alter the pH include menstrual blood, douching, infections, and of course, sex and most of its associated activities. In the case of semen, its alkaline properties can interact with the vagina’s acidic nature and cause a temporary change in odor. Bacteria and enzymes in saliva can alter the pH and change your smell too. Even in the case of vulva-to-vulva intercourse, an exchange of vaginal fluids can temporarily alter the way your nether regions smell. Latex from condoms and sex toys, and lubricants, particularly the scented or flavored kind, can also lead to you getting a whiff of something different post-coitus. In fact, allergic reactions to scented condoms can lead to your pee burning after sex too.  

If you’ve just moved between anal sex and penetrative vaginal intercourse, there is a chance that you’ve transferred some of the stuff (poop) from that region to your lady bits as well, leading (quite obviously) to a change in odor. Let’s move on to more serious implications changes in smell might mean. 

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