Is The ‘Weed Goggles’ Phenomenon Real? Here’s The Science Behind The Attraction Boost – Health Digest

In addition to partner familiarity, the environment may also have a hand in the weed goggles phenomenon. The researchers point out that, unlike alcohol, marijuana is not legal in all parts of the U.S. and must often be used discreetly in such places. In these instances, individuals may find themselves in more private locations. But in addition to being in more personal settings, some participants in the study also reported that the taboo nature of the activity further fueled potential intimate interactions.

Overall, marijuana use was associated with greater emotional satisfaction following intercourse compared to alcohol use. Additionally, some participants reported that orgasms were often more intense in connection to marijuana and found intercourse to be more compassionate and heavier on foreplay. Sex following marijuana use was also linked with heightened sensitivity to physical sensations, while sex following alcohol consumption had more of a physical numbing effect.

The researchers acknowledged that such studies emphasize the importance of education amongst the public in order to reduce the potential risks of unsafe sex related to drug use. Dr. Jordan Tishler, medical cannabis expert at InhaleMD, tells Self that consent and setting one’s personal boundaries are particularly important in such instances, as clarity around consent in relation to marijuana use is still being examined.

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