This Could Be Why You’re Not Losing Weight (Even If You’re Exercising And Dieting) – Health Digest

If you’re dieting, you could easily feel left out of social gatherings such as happy hours and restaurant openings. Yet a little drink here or there can wreck your weight loss, according to Better Health Channel. Not only does alcohol put a halt to your fat burning, but it will have you reaching for less healthy options after it drains your willpower. Alcohol can sneak a few hundred calories into your daily energy intake, especially those delicious ones that are like dessert. A pina colada has 526 calories, while a white Russian has 568 calories.

Eating while distracted might also have you reaching for more calories than you’re aware of. A 2022 article in Appetite found that eating while engaged in other behaviors, such as watching television or working, can result in a higher body mass index. It’s easy these days to count your calories or macronutrients using apps on your phone. It also might make you somewhat obsessive about every calorie, which could awaken eating disorders. A better approach might be to track a certain nutrient each day, such as fiber or protein (via Healthline).

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