Could The Color Of Your Pajamas Be Affecting Your Sleep? – Health Digest

You may notice signs of the allergic reaction, also called textile dye allergy, immediately or days after you put on your new pair of pajamas, per WebMD. Symptoms often include itchy and red skin in the areas where the clothes came into contact with your skin. 

Once the suspect has been identified (in this case, the pajamas) and removed, your allergy symptoms should go away without any medication, but there are some times when the rash could persist, in which case you should be seeing a healthcare provider about it (via WebMD). 

“One of the top triggers is blue. These blue clothing dyes are used to make different colors of clothing, such as black, blue, purple, and other dark colors. Other colors may also be a trigger, especially certain orange or red dyes,” explained dermatologist Dr. Rajani Katta, who adds that blue is a hue that is used to make other colors as well. So, how can you know if the color of your night clothes is going to ruin your sleep? 

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