Can You Train Your Body To Poop On Demand? – Health Digest

If constipation or uncontrollable bowel movements interfere with your quality of life, a gastroenterologist or other specialist in GI disorders can guide you through the retraining process. First, you’ll give your medical history, including any medication or dietary factors that might contribute to your issue. You might also be asked to keep a diary of your food intake and your bowel movements to better understand your condition.

The retraining process involves establishing stool consistency by incorporating foods that are high in dietary fiber. You’ll also need to increase your fluids so that the fiber can do its job of adding bulk to your stool and emptying your colon. You’ll also designate a convenient and consistent time each day to have a bowel movement. This should be a time of day when you’re relaxed and not likely to be rushed. A GI specialist will also recommend the best way to stimulate your bowels at the designated time. This might include a hot beverage or a physical stimulus in your rectum such as a suppository (per About Constipation).

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