A Mental Health Expert Debunks The Biggest Myths About Therapy – Health Digest

Another reason why people might resist therapy is they don’t know where to start in finding the right therapist. Kruger suggests finding a directory where you can search for a therapist that suits your personality and style. You can also browse by their location and area of specialty. Good Therapy and Mental Health Match offer bios and personalized matches to fit your budget and goals.

People might also resist therapy because they feel awkward opening up to a stranger, or they fear opening up Pandora’s box of anxieties and emotions. However, therapists are trained to guide you through the healing process. Kruger suggests talking with family or friends who have worked with a therapist to find out how the process worked for them.

Even if you still have doubts about seeing a therapist, Kruger says to schedule a free consultation with a therapist to answer questions. This consultation can also give you an idea of how the therapist might be able to work with you.

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