What To Do The Night Before Getting A Tooth Pulled (And What Drink To Avoid) – Health Digest

There are many valid reasons why a person could end up being late for a prior commitment. However, while it’s typically not a big deal to be tardy with an understanding friend, not being on time for a dental appointment can have grave consequences. As Dr. Lipari told Health Digest, when having a tooth extraction, it’s important to figure out how to be at your appointment a few minutes earlier than your actual schedule: “You don’t want the added stress of rushing to the appointment the day of the procedure.” 

In fact, if you have paperwork and additional questions to ask prior to having dental surgery, you might want to show up as much as a half an hour ahead of time (via Pine Tree Dental Care). With that said, you might want to ask your dentist’s office how early you should show up for your procedure. Pre-appointment questions like what information you’ll need for your paperwork can also be covered at this time.

Being early for a tooth extraction is a good idea, but is it truly that bad if you’re late? As Verber Family Dentistry explains, not being on time for a dental appointment could mean you’ll need to reschedule it (although what you’re having done is taken into consideration). Nevertheless, if you’re running late, let your dentist’s office know right away. Also, make your appointment well enough in advance, so you can clear your schedule for that day.

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