Unique Body Positions That Can Clear That Pesky Frog In Your Throat – Health Digest

You can practice these postural drainage positions on the bed or on the floor. You’ll need a wedge pillow, a large stack of pillows, or a stability ball to elevate your hips. Set up the pillows (or ball) and drape your torso over them, face down. Your body should look like an inverted V with your hips higher than your chest. Fold your forearms on top of one another and rest your head on them like a pillow. Hold this position for five minutes, breathing in through the nose and blowing out through the mouth on the exhale as you puff your cheeks. This posture drains the mucus from the back of your lungs (per XO Physical Therapy).

The second posture is similar to the first, but you’ll roll onto one side as you keep both hips elevated above your torso. Fold the bottom arm so it reaches the lower ribs of the opposite side of your torso. The top arm can rest towards your head. Doing this postural drainage position on the side helps to clear the mucus from the elevated side of your body. Rest in this position for three to five minutes, slowly breathing in through the nose and out of the mouth. Both positions are best done in the morning before breakfast or on an empty stomach before bed.

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