How Your Genes Affect Your Success At The Gym – Health Digest

Knowing your genes can help you improve your body in the most efficient way possible. However, it’s not all about genes when hitting the gym. Determination and motivation can be big factors in your success because any gene variants are sure to find they are too tired to hit the gym. WebMD states having a plan can help motivate you to hit the gym. For instance, take it slow when you’re just starting your exercise routine. It’s also good to mix up your routine to keep yourself interested. Doing it with someone else also makes it fun together time rather than grueling exercise.

Behavior and habits can get you a long way. For example, a 2021 study published in Nature found that digital programs encouraging exercise could improve the number of people who hit the gym. The study’s lead author, Dr. Katherine Milkman, told NBC News, “Make a plan. Set calendar reminders in your phone or computer. Just like we sent people text reminders, link exercise with a temptation and figure out ways to make yourself not miss two in a row… Then, don’t stop.” 

To get the most out of your genes, you need to hit the gym. Make a plan and use your body’s cues to get the most out of your workout.

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