Signs Your Twitching Muscle Is Actually Kidney Disease – Health Digest

It is easy to confuse some of the symptoms of kidney disease with other conditions, according to experts. “[T]hose with kidney disease tend not to experience symptoms until the very late stages, when the kidneys are failing or when there are large amounts of protein in the urine. This is one of the reasons why only 10% of people with chronic kidney disease know that they have it,” explained Chief Medical Officer at the National Kidney Foundation, Dr. Joseph Vassalotti.

Warning signs from your kidneys you shouldn’t ignore include tiredness, weakness, fatigue, trouble sleeping, dry and itchy skin, feeling the urge to pee more often (especially at night), bloody urine, puffiness around your eyes, swollen ankles and feet, and muscle-related symptoms like what we discussed above. 

Having a family history of chronic kidney disease and other underlying health concerns like high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease can put you at risk for developing CKD. In the U.S., around 37 million adults are thought to have CKD, per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Keeping an eye out for risk factors and symptoms, including ones related to your muscles, will help you treat the disease with the help of lifestyle changes, medication, and sometimes surgery. 

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