How Giving Into Your Craving Could Help Heal Your Relationship With Food – Health Digest

Before you reach for that cheesecake, it’s important to be curious about what might be underlying your craving. According to Healthline, food cravings can sometimes point to perfectionism or a need for control over your life. Sit with the food craving and investigate it, practicing mindfulness techniques and inquiring what other images or memories come up. Then ask yourself if an activity such as a walk can appease the craving. If you still experience the craving after that activity, see if your craving is as intense as before.

If desired, give in to the craving, but enjoy the experience of the food. This means engaging all of your senses rather than taste, such as noticing the texture or smell of the food. Put away any distractions such as your phone so you can focus your attention solely on your food. If possible, consider the source of your food, such as its country of origin or who prepared it. Take small bites of your food, savoring the different layers of taste. Eating slowly will also help you enjoy the food for longer. It will help tune your mind to your body’s cues when you’ve had enough, as well (per Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health).

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