Why You Shouldn’t Start A Diet Right After Vacation – Health Digest

Certified personal trainer Daniel Masters thinks the best time to start a diet is today, but the how matters too, per Master Fitness. There’s no need to completely cut out everything you like to eat. “Every time you cut something out completely and go ‘cold Turkey’ you’re putting a lot of strain on your body,” Masters explained. 

Whether you plan to start dieting before, during, or after vacation, restrictive dieting is not the best way, added Beth Rosen (via Food & Nutrition). “Remove the rules … end restrictive eating, stomp out food stigmas and rid your life of diets, cleanses, jump starts, quick fixes … start eating mindfully,” she shared.  

According to Masters, “By starting today with your new diet it means you can start small. There’s no need to have one last splurge over the weekend. You can cut out one or two bad things from your diet today (or reduce them significantly).” Dial back, eat mindfully, and listen to your hunger cues. Setting realistic and attainable goals, formulating a healthy eating plan, and adding exercise into the picture can also help, per WebMD. Registered dietician nutritionist Ricci-Lee Hotz added that working with a dietician might be beneficial too, especially when it comes to uncovering common challenges you face in remaining consistent with your diet (via LinkedIn). So does this mean you can eat whatever you want on holiday?

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