We Tried TikTok’s Easy Dry Cough Hack And Here’s What Happened – Health Digest

As explained by angelapharmd, the dry cough hack will stop a cough right away. “All you need to do is put pressure with your index finger at the end of your throat at this hollow point,” explained the pharmacist, indicating the natural dip where your throat connects to your sternum. 

“Press it for 1-3 minutes, let it go, and you can repeat it up to three times,” she added. In our case, we didn’t have to repeat the TikTok hack. We simply took our finger to our throat when we felt a cough coming on (that slight tingling feeling) and held it there for a few seconds, and this seemed to stop the cough in its tracks. We were happy we stopped coughing without taking syrup. Although, in the case of the dry hacking left behind from a week-long chest infection, the cough did come back once the stimulation ended. 

We were also concerned that pressing down on the throat would cause discomfort of some sort, but surprisingly, it didn’t. 

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