Reduce Your Risk Of Falling With This One Easy Exercise – Health Digest

For the sit-to-stand exercise, you’ll need a chair that’s not going to slide or roll around. The seat should be low enough for your feet to be flat on the floor. If possible, have a desk or stable counter nearby to help stabilize you as you stand up. You can also use the arms of the chair if standing up is difficult for you.

Shift to the front edge of the chair and lean slightly forward. While pressing your feet into the floor, feel your glutes and core engage as you come to standing. Slowly sit back down and do 10 more reps. Practice this exercise twice a day until you can easily stand up without using your hands. When this gets easy, find some light weights to hold in each hand to provide a little more challenge and instability as you stand up (per Johns Hopkins Medicine).

Those who have a high risk of falling, such as people who need assistance standing up on their own, should consider seeing a physical therapist to improve their balance and strength.

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