What Actually Happens When You Eat While Watching TV – Health Digest

It takes mindfulness to relish every bite, focus on what you’re consuming, and enjoy the food experience. Watching TV takes away from that. “We tend to eat more mindlessly in front of the TV, We also don’t taste and experience the food as much because we’re distracted,” psychologist Dr. Susan Albers explained to Cleveland Clinic.

Think about the last time you opened a bag of chips and went through the entire thing without realizing you did. Being enthralled by the TV or even social media, can interfere with you noticing hunger cues too, added Dr. Albers. You might not realize that you’re satiated and continue eating until you’re overly full. 

Certified dietitian-nutritionist and author Jaclyn London told Delish that there’s another interesting thing that happens when we watch TV and eat, and this has to do with the emotions that arise from what we’re watching. If you’re watching something that’s producing an increase in either positive or negative emotions, this could also lead to overeating. “Trying to sideline or push down those feelings instead of actually letting ourselves feel them can often lead us to other behaviors that feel comforting to us. Namely, eating and drinking,” she explained. 

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