Doctor And NY Times Best-Selling Author Tells Us The Worst Foods For Your Cholesterol – Health Digest

Avoiding fatty foods isn’t easy when you consider the fact that in 2023, there were a reported 200,859 fast food restaurants operating in the U.S., according to IBIS World. However, Dr.¬†Joel Fuhrman tells us that the problem isn’t as simple as labeling certain foods as “good” or “bad” and then choosing accordingly. “Many people are addicted to unhealthful foods,” he states. “Learning about which foods to eat or which foods not to eat is often not sufficient for them to achieve and maintain healthy eating habits.” Instead, Dr. Fuhrman explains that many people could benefit from having long-term systems in place to support healthy eating habits through education and community support.

Dr. Fuhrman emphasizes that having the willingness to learn more is the first step, and recommends his book “Eat for Life” as a starting point. “I also own a health retreat in San Diego, the Eat to Live Retreat, where such individuals can come for a month or more to lose weight, resolve food addiction, reverse, and resolve high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes and gain the tools to enjoy and maintain healthful eating when they leave.”

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