The Surprisingly Healthy Fat You Can Buy At A Gas Station – Health Digest

Certified dietitian Vidhi Chawla told the Times of India that almond butters are great sources of the cell-protecting antioxidant vitamin E and magnesium (which supports bone and nerve health). It also contains calcium, which again contributes to healthy bones and teeth. 

Almonds are great for digestion too, owing to their rich concentration of fiber. A 2022 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that almond consumption was positively linked with butyrate production, an essential fatty acid that promotes gut health.

Another study done on the nut found that almonds are great when it comes to controlling blood sugar and insulin levels. The trick with anything you buy at a gas station is to know how much of it you should be consuming. Bananas might be a good addition with almond butter, but waffles won’t be. It’s easy to negate the positive effects of any snack, healthy fats or not, if you overconsume it or buy the wrong kind. 

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