Why You Should Think Twice Before Eating Diet Snacks On An Empty Stomach – Health Digest

Don’t be fooled by the packaging that gives the idea that you’re eating something healthy. Diet snack packs are still processed food items (via Delish). Plus, cookies and other such food items are made with refined flour, notes WebMD, which is linked to weight gain, insulin resistance, and inflammation of the gut.

Anything processed also comes with the addition of preservatives like salt, sugar, and other ingredients to prolong shelf life and enhance flavor, per NHS. These can quickly add to calories, especially if you decide to pile on the snack packs on an empty stomach. 

Since most of these diet packs are marketed as small treats, your instinct might be to buy more than one from the store. After all, the main reason you’re snacking is to satiate your grumbling tummy, so if one doesn’t do it, what’s the harm in a few more? However, without even realizing it, you are increasing your overall calorie intake for the day.  

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