We Cut Out Dairy For 14 Days And Here’s What Happened – Health Digest

We could have eaten ice cream made with plant-based milk, but we decided to give ice cream a rest for 14 days. Because probiotics are important for our digestive health, we found it hard to omit yogurt from our post-workout smoothie. To boost the protein in our smoothie, we added plant-based protein powder. Rather than take a probiotic supplement, we ate sauerkraut at our evening meals a few days a week. You’d be surprised how good sauerkraut tastes with chorizo-flavored, plant-based recipe crumbles. We still missed sour cream or plain Greek yogurt to take down the heat of the chorizo spice.

Rather than use dairy cream for our morning coffee, we swapped that out for oat milk creamer. We stirred plain, unsweetened almond milk into our morning muesli and also used it to substitute for milk in our recipes. Because we love a warm cup of golden milk in the evening, we used sweetened soy milk instead. Rather than use plant-based cheese, we just omitted any recipe or foods that included cheese, like our favorite pizza.

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