Is The 800 Gram Challenge Good For Weight Loss? Our Nutrition Expert Weighs In – Health Digest

Science tells you that increasing your plant-based food content could be linked to greater cardiovascular health, a longer life, and weight loss. Even when it comes to keeping your blood sugar and blood pressure levels in check, preventing chronic diseases like cancer, and improving brain and eye health, fruits and vegetables can do a lot for you.

Dr. Amy Lee added that getting in more fruits and vegetables through diets like the 800 gram challenge means you’re consuming beneficial vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals — things you don’t get from carbs and protein foods. “Also, the added benefit is natural fiber to help with overall health, gastrointestinal tract, and decreasing inflammation.” Vegans and vegetarians aside, a lot of us don’t consciously make it a habit to include fruits and vegetables to our three meals every day. Perhaps, challenges of this nature will inspire you to mindfully choose and add vegetables you like to your diet. 

Which brings us to another point: The 800 gram challenge is fairly less rules-based when compared with popular diets, ranked worst to best, at least according to EC Synkowski. For example, if you don’t like eating kale, you don’t have to add this particular vegetable to your diet. There are, however, some rules, like not consuming dried fruits, juices, or products made using fruits. This means popcorn, French fries, bean pasta, and store-bought smoothies can’t be included in the challenge.

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