Eat Dessert At This Time Of Day To Kill Nighttime Food Cravings – Health Digest

If your lunch is well-balanced, chances are you won’t overindulge in a sweet treat, which is always a good thing. Make sure your lunch has a sufficient amount of protein because protein keeps you full for longer. 

Experts also recommend eating your meals mindfully — chewing slowly, removing distractions like phones and laptops, and being in sync with your body. This is another way to ensure that you don’t overeat. “Taking these steps will let you know if you have the desire and/or room for dessert,” shared registered dietitian, Kimberley Rose-Francis, with HuffPost. Mindful eating can include dessert too. Enjoy each bite and don’t rush through it. 

Wanting to enjoy dessert every day isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as long as the time of day and portion sizes are controlled, per the experts. “By giving yourself a little bit of what you love everyday, you are ahead of the craving game by preventing them before they even start,” wrote registered dietician nutritionist Brigitte Zeitlin for SELF.

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