Are Protein Shakes Safe For Children To Drink? What To Consider – Health Digest

As previously mentioned, there are cases in which a child may not be getting sufficient amounts of protein in their daily diet. Oppositely, however, sports nutrition specialist and registered dietitian Diana Schnee told the Cleveland Clinic that many children are getting more than enough. “In most Western countries, children already get two to three times the protein they need daily,” she stated. “It’s uncommon for a child to need extra.”

Even if a child is working their muscles every day playing sports, if they are eating a well-rounded diet, they are likely getting their protein needs met. Therefore, drinking protein shakes would add more protein than necessary, which can be hard for a child’s body to break down. Whey protein powder is particularly popular and can potentially prompt digestive discomfort and diarrhea in children who are lactose intolerant (per WebMD).¬†Children with lowered immunity may also be particularly susceptible to digestive issues related to increased protein intake. This is because certain ingredients, such as stimulants, are often found in protein powders. These ingredients can cause digestive discomfort but are not always listed on the label due to a lack of government regulation around supplements.

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