What Happens To Your Poop When You Stop Eating Red Meat – Health Digest

Fiber makes you poop. It’s what pulls water into your stools to give them that soft and bulky texture and it also allows for easier passage of waste through and out of your system. Red meat does not contain fiber. Stopping red meat consumption might (hopefully) mean you’re adding fiber-rich sources of protein to your diet instead. This could result in regular bowel movements. Additionally, red meat contains iron, another culprit when it comes to constipation. And there’s another reason why stopping red meat could relieve constipation too: its fat content.

Red meat is on the list of types of meat that contain the most amount of saturated fat. And high-fat diets have been linked with functional constipation as well. Regular consumption of saturated fatty acids, in particular, can lead to slower gastrointestinal transit and therefore constipation, per a 2021 study published in the journal Nutrients. 

It is important to note here, however, that the consumption of red meat only becomes a problem bowel health-wise, if you’re not balancing your meal out with sufficient fiber and other nutrients. Having a steak and still managing to consume your whole grains and plant foods means you’re eating a balanced meal. 

Plus, stopping red meat consumption doesn’t automatically mean that you’re going to increase your fiber intake. If you’re replacing red meat with other sources of meat — like poultry, fish, and seafood— you’re still going to be left with no fiber content. That being said, there is also such a thing as a red meat allergy or red meat intolerance which can have an effect on your poop as well.

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