Why You Should Avoid Drinking Red Wine With This Healthy Protein – Health Digest

Protein-richness aside, lentils also pack a punch when it comes to the mineral iron. One cup of lentils has as much as 6.59 milligrams of iron, per the U.S. Department of Agriculture. That’s is 37% of the recommended daily value of iron, according to Healthline. Iron, however, is a hard mineral for your body to absorb, explained vegan health educator and physician, Dr. Michael Klaper. “Less than 1% of the iron that we swallow actually makes it into our bloodstream,” shared the expert.

This problem is particularly exacerbated when it comes to plant-based iron sources like lentils, per registered dietician, Alissa Rumsey (via Prevention). When you add red wine into the mix, you’re making matters worse. Tannins found in red wines mess with your body’s ability to absorb iron. “Plant-based iron is already more difficult to absorb than meat-based iron. Add tannins to the mix and it’s that much harder to get the iron you need,” explained Rumsey. A 2022 study looking at other plant-based protein options, like soy sausages and tempeh, linked the presence of the antinutrient phytate in these foods with hampering iron absorption in your body. In fact, iron isn’t the only nutrient you need to think about if you’re going plant-based. But that’s a topic for a different day. So, how should you be eating your lentils for greater absorption of iron?

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