The Best Protein You Can Eat For A Healthy Prostate – Health Digest

The Prostate Cancer Foundation suggests salmon for its omega-3 fatty acids, which can reduce inflammation in the body. Men with an enlarged prostate will typically take drugs like tamsulosin and finasteride to improve their symptoms. A 2017 study in Inflammopharmacology found that taking 300 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids three times a day combined with prostate medication had better improvement of urine flow, prostate volume, and other symptoms compared to medication alone. The researchers concluded that adding omega-3 can help reduce inflammation of the prostate tissue.

Regularly consuming fish might also improve your survival of prostate cancer, says a 2008 study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The study followed more than 20,000 men over several years, where 10% of them were diagnosed with prostate cancer and 1% of them died of prostate cancer. Among the men diagnosed with prostate cancer, those who ate fish more than five times a week had a 48% lower risk of dying of prostate cancer than those who ate fish less than once a week. In particular, those who ate more fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids reduced their risk by 36%. However, eating fish wasn’t found to prevent prostate cancer.

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