What Happens To Your Blood Pressure When You Eat Avocado Every Day – Health Digest

As we mentioned before, avocados contain a lot of fiber and healthy fats too, both of which play an indirect role when it comes to lowering blood pressure and protecting your heart. 

According to a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator, Veronica Rouse (via The Heart Dietician), the soluble fiber in avocados helps you decrease blood cholesterol levels, regulate blood glucose, and maintain a healthy weight. Being overweight is a risk factor for high blood pressure and so is having diabetes. Plus, “dietary intake of oleic acid [a type of monounsaturated fatty acid] has been shown to decrease cholesterol levels in the blood as well as blood pressure levels,” added the expert. 

Also, when you eat an avocado every day, you’re automatically consuming a low-sodium food. Consuming high-sodium foods is associated with high blood pressure, heart disease risk, and kidney damage. 

That being said, there is some concern if you’re thinking of consuming avocados while on high blood pressure-regulating medication. 

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