If You Don’t Eat Enough Protein, This Is What Happens To Your Weight – Health Digest

Protein also helps your body recover from illness, according to the London Health Sciences Centre. When you’re sick, you quickly deplete your levels of albumin, which is typically the most abundant type of protein in your body. Doctors know the severity of your illness depending on your albumin levels. While protein will pull water through your blood vessels, the water travels to your tissues if you don’t have enough protein. This is what’s known as “edema.”

Edema results in swelling not only in your arms and legs but also in your abdomen. This can cause your skin to stretch or appear shiny. If you press into the skin and it creates a temporary dimple, it might indicate edema. People with edema might find it uncomfortable to walk because of the heaviness in their legs, according to WebMD. Not having enough protein isn’t the only cause of edema. If you’re pregnant, having surgery involving your lymph nodes, or suffering from a long-term illness, you could be at risk for edema, notes theĀ Mayo Clinic.

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